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the basics:
name- Liz
age- 22
location- Tempe, AZ

the important:
top 10 favorite bands- (In no particular order)Man or Astroman?, Danzig, Agent Orange, The Bronx, The Damned, Riverboat Gamblers, Electric Frankenstein, Husker Du, The Phenomenauts, Pretty much anything Brian Enos has worked on, and Son of Sam. (There's more in my user info if you care.)
top 10 favorite foods- Cheese, Spinach, Chimichangas, Grilled Chicken, Pasta with tons of veggies, Salsa (hotter the better), Sweet Potatoes, Crepes, Grilled Salmon with lemon and capers, and Steamed Artichokes and butter lemon dipping sauce.
why you think you should be in this community- Not to sound like a fatty but, food is something I look forward to every day! I'm also hoping to get my masters in Food Science so I can become a mad scientist for Kellogs and create something like fortified sugar that's actually healthy. And Prego suggested I joined from rockin_fit_club.
one "secret" or "tip" for us- Don't store cut melon (like Cantalope) for too long. Like chicken, it can grow salmonella.

the aesthetics:
I don't have a digital camera, so this is the best I can do with what I have.

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I say yes
yes, duh
ewww i didnt know that about melon!!!
I love you for mentioning the Bronx and PARTICULARLY the Gamblers. I'm gonna see them twice next month. Check out the High Tension Wires (Mike W's other band) if you haven't, already!!!

Oh yeah, and welcome!


May 17 2006, 00:55:44 UTC 10 years ago

I haven't checked them out yet, so thanks for the suggestion!
That was me. Sorry, I have a horrible habbit of forgetting to log-in.
of course.
you have good music taste :)
agent orange, chimichangas and another liz!! of course
Woo, Liz's! Lately I've been meeting a lot of Liz's who just rock my socks off... odd phenomenon going on!
does a food scientist need serv safe certification? (yes, though i never vote)
I'd imagine so. I'm working on my Registered Dietitians License/ Bachelors in Dietetics right now and you have to be ServSafe certified for that.
Ciao. Sì!! Arrivederci.
I'm going to make the assumption i can post stuff now then?? If not, let me know!