Bufflekill (mollywithawhy) wrote in all_stewed_up,

New girl in town

the basics:
name- Molly
age- 19
location- Philly

the important:
top 10 favorite bands- The Vibrators, Briefs, Boils, Whiskey Rebels, Anti-Heros, 999, Hard Skin, Manowar, Teengenerate, Gossip
top 10 favorite foods- Pierogis (must be the Polish in me), Penne with pesto, spaghetti carbonara, cheesesteaks with, wings, Chinese pizza Vietnamese springrolls, french onion soup, garlic mashed potatos, pad thai 
why you think you should be in this community- I just moved into my first apartment, and dont know too much about cooking, so I was hoping to get some good tips for a beginner 
one "secret" or "tip" for us- Asian supermarkets are the best places to get fresh fruit and veggies throughout the year- skip the Acme or Super Fresh and get to your local Korean market.

the aesthetics:
one picture of you that pertains to food in some way (eating picture, picture of you cooking, or a picture of you with food... whatever! just show us your face!)
Not the best picture, but the only food one I've got! (This was my first ever wopper by the way...not nearly as good as I had hoped)
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That picture rules!
Also, I am completely OBSESSED with The Briefs.
What is pierogis? I don't think I've never heard of it.
You've never heard of pierogos? Oh my god they're total heaven- the it's like dumplings stuffed with mashed potatos instead of meat/veggies. They're super awesome if you fry them and they're traditionally served with fried onions and sour cream, but I just eat them plain.
there are no pierogies in the south.
Oh man are you serious?? That's sad :(

I think the Boils are making it down to Atlanta this October so I'll bring a box of Mrs. T's with me
oh well we have the frozen ones but not any geniune ones.
At least you got something...the best are the diners that serve 'em. Mmm...
I'm from CA originally, I had never heard of or see pierogies until I moved to WI...They're good!!!
I guess that's why I have never heard of em!
They sound amazing, I wish I didn't live in FL so I could actually try them!
Hah if you ever make it to Philly, I'll take you out to get some ;)
That sounds awesome!!
pierogis are really good!
oh yeah and yes.
you are so cute!
Thanks doll!
I love Asian markets and french onion soup and Teengenerate.
3 of my favorite things!
You rule
hah why thank you
Yes! spring rolls rule. Once it's hot I make them for dinner all the time. I'm growing thai basil just for my spring rolls...
Yeah my mom makes them from scratch all the time. She got on a real Vietnamese kick. Soooo yummy!
Perogis = love in a doughy pocket
yes yes