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Yum Yum Gimme Some!

where rocknroll and food come together to create pure awesome

All Stewed Up!
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my friend, you have just stumbled upon quite possibly the coolest community on livejournal! we are rocknrollers who are dedicated to yummy food and good music! this is your place to share recipies, ideas, pictures of food, and tips with other like-minded music nerds. now that you know the deal, fill out the application and join, sucka!

application, schmapplication!

the basics:

the important:
top 10 favorite bands-
top 10 favorite foods-
why you think you should be in this community-
one "secret" or "tip" for us-

the aesthetics:
one picture of you that pertains to food in some way (eating picture, picture of you cooking, or a picture of you with food... whatever! just show us your face!) and make sure to use an LJ cut!

now, the rules are as follows:

1. don't be mean to anyone. members, this means NO BEING MEAN TO APPLICANTS! a simple "no" is suffice if you don't like someone's application.
2. post AT LEAST once a month. if you don't, we will kick you out and you'll have to re-apply if you want back in. no inactive members!
4. use an LJ cut when posting more than one picture!
5. have fun and tell a friend to join! we're always wanting more applicants/members!

now, i bet you're wondering what the hell you're supposed to post, right? here's some ideas:

*recipies! pictures of the food you made, you eating the food, your friends eating the food, whatever. posts don't HAVE to include pictures, but it is encouraged to be visual with your posts!
*websites with delicious recepies
*pictures of food related things. pictures of you standing in front of a giant ice cream cone sculpture or whatever!

also, try to include what bands you like to listen to while making certain foods!!!!

note to members: you will be able to easily locate recepies through the memories section of this journal, as we will be adding all recepies into that section so as to create a "cookbook". feel free to give feedback on the recepies you use so we know which ones are the best!

your mods: missmarcbolan & pregokilledet